Well I’m probably more comfortable than you because I’m not wearing pants!


Shout out to Rachelle for the subject line [she was wearing a skirt]. Thanks for the letters!! I think everyone in my district was pretty jealous at how incredible my family is but thanks 🙂

This week has been crazy! I have to look back at my journal so I don’t leave anything out haha On Sunday, I received my training as sister training leader and it was pretty simple. Unfortunately, I was thrown into the deep end Monday morning. There is a trio in our zone and one of the sisters was feeling very ignored. Sister Tongi and I ended up talking to them our whole classroom time in the morning (three hours) and called our branch president. He gave us some advice then came later in the afternoon with his wife to sort it out a little more. It was crazy but by the end of the day, the three of them we happier than ever 🙂 We taught our first “investigator” on Monday night and it was a little intimidating but very exciting. Her name is Sydney and she’s married to a member but wants to learn more. We taught her about the restoration and she was very sweet. By the end of the lesson, she offered a prayer and said that if she continued to feel that this was right, she would be baptized! Woo!
Tuesday was devotional night and we heard from Elder Falabella of the seventy. He taught us to do everything in our power to teach families. He used the example of Ammon and Aaron who baptized thousands by starting with one family (even if it was a royal family). It was very powerful and a good reminder that families are central to Heavenly Father’s plan.
By Wednesday, Sister Tongi and I had welcomed nine new sisters and were constantly escorting them from building to building. Whenever I start to think this calling of leadership is tedious, I am immediately humbled and shown why it is important. One of the new sisters didn’t seem extremely happy and just asked me for a hug. I hugged her for a while and talked to her about what was wrong and made sure she asked the branch presidency for a blessing. Heavenly Father knows what we need before we do and I’ve already seen that he puts us where we need to be. Wednesday afternoon was the Worldwide Missionary Broadcast and it blew me away. I took three full pages of notes and felt the spirit so strongly singing Called to Serve with an auditorium full of missionaries. I don’t know if you guys can watch it on LDS.org but I highly recommend it! The brethren talked a lot about working with the Spirit and I keep being reminded during lessons that I am not the teacher.
Thursday was “in-field orientation” covering material we wouldn’t learn in the classroom. We talked about the Doctrine of Christ, goals & planning, finding, and working with members. While we’ve been learning how to teach the Doctrine of Christ, I have been pretty scared to teach the doctrine of repentance. However, I never want to forget that repentance is such a beautiful gift and opportunity. Heavenly Father loved us enough to send His son so that we could repent. During our scripture study, we read 1 Nephi 3. At verse 7, Sister Csolity asked if we thought that we would have had the same willing attitude as Nephi. I raised my hand and said no haha. I said that so often we read the scriptures and we think “yeah I would totally do that! I would be as strong as Alma and go back to Ammoniha the second I was told” but I don’t think I would! Luckily, that’s exactly why we have the Doctrine of Christ, right? To keep learning. To keep improving little by little. To remind us to be a little more willing next time.
I received my travel itinerary the other day and it scared me to death. I leave Sunday night, by myself, to fly to JFK then Barbados. I’ve enjoyed my week here so much that I can’t imagine another change so quickly! I talked with my branch president, President Bartholomew, and asked if I could receive another blessing before I leave. He was more than happy to schedule me in but left me with a few reminders. He reminded me that while my family loves me totally and completely, Heavenly Father loves me beyond understanding. He asked me to ask God, sincerely, to see myself as He sees me and I want  to challenge you all to do that this week. To try to understand the potential Heavenly Father sees in you but I also want you to ask to see that potential in those around you. It’s hard to remember, but the more we see others as God’s children, whom he loves, the more we will be filled with that “perfect brightness of hope” and “love of all men.”
I love you all so so so much and I’m sorry my emails are so scattered brained! Thanks again for the letters, I wouldn’t be here without all of you.
Love always,
Sister Needs

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