Today was good….then I got up

Okay I thought of that quote last night (Freaky Friday for my uniformed friends) and thought it was too good to pass up.

Hello from the Missionary Training Center!
I’ve been here for maybe two days in total and it has been quite the rollercoaster. I was busy enough in the first few hours trying to pretend like I was super stoked to be here that I wasn’t very upset but by the fireside in the late afternoon, I was losing it. I hadn’t been assigned a companion yet which made things fairly difficult and I just wanted to go home! Luckily, later in the day, we participated in an activity called “People and Your Purpose–part 1” where we taught investigators in large groups. It was really exciting for me to think about their needs and how I could explain the gospel in a meaningful way through the spirit. We had a few more activities throughout the day and then we were able to meet our Zone Leaders and Branch President. I asked President Bartholomew if I could get a blessing the next night and it put my mind at ease 🙂 We got ready for bed, and had lights out at 10:30.
I did my best to stay up-beat on Thursday and managed to make it happen for the most part! We had another session of People and Your Purpose and the spirit was so strong. I felt such a strong love for the people of Barbados already and I just wanted to get out there! Afterwards was class time and I kept getting emotional again. I talked to my teacher, Sister Allred, once class was over and she gave me some good advice on little things I can do to feel better and take my mind off of being homesick. By the end of the day I felt a lot better. We met our Branch Presidency and their wives and they were all so sweet. We had individual interviews with them and I was reminded that this separation anxiety I’ve experienced a little too often for my liking in something that will pass with time. I was given a blessing of comfort and we received our “assignments” for our stay here. I have been assigned to be………………………a sister trainer leader! While I still need to receive the training, I’m BEYOND excited. I know Heavenly Father gave me this opportunity to help me cope, to keep busy, and to help the sisters that are feeling the same way as me.
Mom and Rachelle sent me some great letters through Dear Elder and all of your emails have been really helpful 🙂 I haven’t received any information on my travel plans but on the Dear Elder letter it said that my departure date is January 24 (next Sunday)!
It’s almost time for me to go but I want to tell you about my district because it’s super weird! It’s basically just elders and sisters that are not native English speakers but speak well enough to not need language training, so it’s me and one other sister in my zone that are from the U.S. The sisters in my district are Sister Tongi (my companion, she’s the best!), Sister Naitoko, Sister Csolity, Sister Lee, and Sister Chen. Tongi is from Tonga if you couldn’t already guess and she’s going to Lansing Michigan!!! She has such a strong spirit and testimony of our Savior, I know she’ll be a great example to me 🙂 Naitoko is also from Tonga going to Pocatello Idaho! Csolity is from Hungary going to Mesa (watch out Drew), Lee and Chen are from China going to Temple Square.
These last few days have been so tough but I’ve been reading about faith in Preach my Gospel and it says, “Faith leads to action, including repentance, obedience, and dedicated service…You accomplish what the Lord wants you to accomplish.” I love you guys more than anything in this world and, like dad keeps reminding me, it’s this love that motivates me to serve and make sure I can annoy you all for the rest of eternity.
Mom reminded me of a scripture that I’ve already seen work here–“for whosoever will save his life shall lost it; and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.”
I love you guys beyond compare and I’ll talk to you in a week 🙂
Sister Needs

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